If you are concerned about saving a little money when planning trip to Keswick in the UK, you will obviously want to spend some time investigating accommodations.  Finding hotels in Keswick that fit your exacting budgetary constraints can be tough at first.  With that in mind, it may be good to take a brief look at the top 5 best budget hotels in Keswick.

Skiddaw hotel keswick -  the best budget hotels in Keswick

Then you can get an idea about what is available – and more importantly, what you’re your budget.   While many websites offer listings for every imaginable hotel, inn, and bed and breakfast in your target area, it’s good to get as well-rounded a figure on price as you can for Keswick hotels.

Here are the five best budget Keswick hotels:

1. Queens Hotel Keswick

Depending on the sort of room you want (and the time of the year), you can easily find rooms here from £65*.  Located right in the center of Keswick, the Queens Hotel is perfectly situated in the English Lake District.  The hotel was voted the top weekend retreat in England back in 2003, a fine honor among Keswick hotels.  The Queens hotel comes with all of the amenities that the conscientious traveller expects.  It also has plenty of spaces to dazzle the eye of visitors with an appreciation for its rich history.  Your stay is made completed with the hotel’s fabulous Cumbrian Breakfast.  It is no wonder that the Queens is one of the best budget hotels in Keswick.

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2. Kings Arms Hotel Keswick

This hotel offers a unique glimpse of history.  From £57*, you can experience a genuine Coaching Inn, one of many that dot the English countryside, and in their day provided shelter for road-wearied travelers.  For such a great price, you will also receive all of the modern amenities and interact with a competent staff.  It is a top of the line B and B and one of the best budget hotels in Keswick.

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3. Cherry Trees Guest House Keswick

From £61*, you can nestle in fine king size bed and enjoy freshly prepared food.  The Cherry Trees Guest House is conveniently situated just 10 minutes from downtown Derwentwater.  It has plenty of great amenities but does have some restrictions on the age of children allowed to stay in the rooms (5 years and up).  In addition, Cherry Trees requires three-night booking if you wish a room during a bank holiday.

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4. Skiddaw Hotel Keswick

The Skiddaw Hotel in Keswick, though slightly pricier (£99), does provide plenty reasons to attract visitors who are still looking for the best budget Keswick hotels.   This hotel is surrounded by breathtaking scenery including the lakes and mountains of the English Lake District.  The Skiddaw, like other establishment in Keswick has a rich history behind it.  The hotel is family-run with a reputation for elegance and style made complete by quality service.

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5. The Borrowdale Hotel Keswick

The thing that visitors note about the Borrowdale Hotel most often is its wonderful environment.  During cooler months, there is no better place to rest in front of warm fires, and sip strawberry tea on the lawn during the summer months.  The hotel has been around since 1866 and it still carries many of the features that made it a wonderful Victorian-era establishment.  As far as best budget Keswick hotels are concerned, the Borrowdale, with prices from £100* may be too expensive for some budget travelers for more than a one-night stay.  You get a little bit of history when you stay at the Borrowdale; some are willing to pay for that.

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* Prices Quoted are correct on the 18th January 2010 – are are for an ensuite double room.

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