More than just an establishment in the long list of Keswick Hotels for tourists and guests, the Keswick Lodge also has a great history written in its foundation. Originally designed to function as a coaching house during the 18th century, the Keswick Lodge is situated right in the heart of Keswick, a market town that exudes that certain Cumbrian atmosphere. With three of England’s highest summits, Skiddaw, Scafell and Helvellyn, readily accessible to those who want to experience adventure, there is no doubt why the Keswick Lodge is so popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

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About The Keswick Lodge

The Keswick Lodge is built during the 18th century as a coach inn and has retained some of those era’s details and structure. It is one of the few Keswick Hotels that has a 4-star rating granted by the The AA Hotel Recognition Scheme, the highest being a 5-star recognition. It is truly a great place to stay for families looking towards a great vacation or a weekend getaway. The staff are courteous and very accommodating to the needs of their guests, even for dogs, provided guests inform the staff well ahead in time.

The Keswick Lodge Inn Hotel

As for the rooms, Keswick Lodge offers guests with different room types to accommodate any specific requirements by the guests. Ranging from twin to double to family rooms, each quarter has an LCD TV, a set of wares for coffee and tea, and splendid bathrooms, complete with plush bathtubs and showers.

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The ancient yet bustling Keswick Lodge, one of the finest Keswick Hotels in the world, is situated right in the middle of the Lake District and is ideally located near places of interest. Aside from the peaks of Skiddaw, Scafell and Helvellyn, the Keswick Lodge is located on the north of Derwentwater, one of Cumbria’s famous lakes. The attractions in Derwentwater include a boat ride around the lake. From Keswick Lodge, you can bike or hike your way along the shores of the lake to bask in its serene beauty and scenery.

The Castlerigg, a circle of Neolithic stone of gigantic proportions dated to be 4,000 years old, overlooks the town of Keswick. The overlooking view from Castlerigg is breathtaking and is well worth the hike for even for the not so avid outdoor wanderers.

Food and Drink

The Keswick Lodge offers guests with a menu that parades the best of Cumbrian produce. Changing with the season, the Keswick Lodge menu is specked with the simplicity of home cooking and infused with culinary excellence. The lodge is just one of the hotels of Keswick that has been noted for their fresh breakfast menu, which has garnered a high rating (Highly Commended) from Britain’s Best Pub Cooked Breakfast in 2009.

The bar is also stocked with an array of wines, spirits, lagers, ales, and beer from the Thawites Brewery.


Their on-site restaurant features great spacing and a homey detailing, which greatly sets you down for a meal or a drink. The lodge also offers adequate parking space and dedicated rooms/facilities for disabled guests. There are also non-smoking quarters for guests who prefer not to be in a cigarette smoke-filled room.

There is also a 24-hour front desk that is manned by staff who are more than willing to accommodate your needs.

Internet is not available on site.


The Keswick Lodge is a great place to stay for families, friends, lovers, and even for people going solo who are looking for the perfect outdoor holiday. Regular rates start at £75.00 for twin and double rooms. For single room occupancy, a double room costs £49.50 on a single night, which also covers breakfast on the following morning.

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